Surgery for obesity & metabolic diseases


These are some before and after testimonies from bariatric surgery patients, as you can see, their decision to have surgery changed their lives forever in a positive, decisive and permanent way.

Bariatric surgery achieves much more than weight loss, it improves the health and quality of life of patients in a way that is not possible with other measures. Here we only show you the weight, since it is what can be demonstrated through an image.

Sarai M.

Cynthia E.

Enrique D.

Ramona B.

Evelyn E.

Enedina B.

Christina P.

Carolina R.

Carol A.

Britanny O.

Angelica V.

Bryan S.

Rosie H.

Rebeca B.

Kayleena M.

Laura F.

Julio F.

Joe P.

Jeanne K.

Marcelo O.

Jose A.