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Thank you for visiting Obesity Free. If you are looking for high-quality care at an affordable price for your weight loss surgery in Mexico, you are in the right place.

You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to provide you with the best quality of care during the process of this important decision that will change your life in a favorable way forever!


We know it is not an easy decision, but Dr. Rosales and his multidisciplinary team will guide you from the beginning.

Dr. Gabriel Rosales

Dr. Gabriel Rosales, a CMCOEM certified bariatric surgeon and member of IFSO AND ASMBS and the founder of Obesity Free.

His key to success is a refined and perfected surgical technique, as well as quality medical care from start to finish.

Testimonials, Before and After

S. Maldonado, Monterrey

Lost weight: 75 Lbs
"In my experience regarding the operation I imagined that the recovery would be more complicated, but it really went very well"

E. Díaz, Houston, Texas

Lost weight: 126 Lbs
“I suffered from hypertension, now I am free of medications. I continue to enjoy my life and activities as I used to before.“

C. Eleguézabal, CDMX

Lost weight: 65 Lbs
“When I decided to go to the consultation with Dr. Rosales, he opened my eyes to the fact that this was only going to be a tool that should encourage me to turn my life around.”

FAQ about obesity surgery

You can call our toll-free number or send us your contact information. You will be contacted within a period generally of less than 12 hours and no more than 48 hours. Dr. Rosales will call you personally to carry out a detailed consultation over the phone. He or she will determine if you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery and answer all your questions. It will explain the specifics of your treatment and what you can realistically expect as a result. Depending on your medical history, he or she will let you know if you need any preoperative tests at home, in addition to any tests you will have when you arrive for surgery. A desired date for surgery and all logistics will also be addressed. Don’t worry; You will be guided step by step through the entire process.

Yes, if you have a BMI of 35 and any obesity-related disease, or you have a BMI of 40, you should definitely look for effective and long-lasting treatment. Obesity surgery has been shown to provide these results. Obesity considerably reduces your life expectancy.

Definitely not, obesity is related to several factors and bad eating habits is only one of them. If you want to be successful, you need to change your eating habits, but you need the right tools to achieve your goals. Weight loss surgery will undoubtedly put you on the right path and give you the necessary stimulus to get where you want to be. Some people think that weight loss surgery is for the weak and those who want the easy way out. We have only one explanation for this: they have never had weight problems. No one but overweight people understand the situation and how difficult it is to lose those kilos. Furthermore, undergoing surgery requires courage and commitment so it is not really an easy decision.

Everyone is capable of dieting and exercising, you just have to find the time to do it, which can be difficult in today’s society and with our busy lives. However, it is important to mention that as soon as you stop dieting and exercising, all the weight returns. It has been proven that 95% of people who have a BMI of 35 or more and lose a considerable amount of weight with diet and exercise, gain it back quickly once they stop doing it. So the problem is not losing those kilos but preventing them from coming back! It is for this reason that weight loss surgery is a good solution.

Without a doubt, weight loss surgery is not the cheapest option and involves some risks, but the expenses associated with treating diseases related to chronic obesity, including diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain, medications , etc., are much higher. Furthermore, according to statistics, it is said that the cost of the procedure pays for itself over the course of a year, considering the patient’s great savings in food. In relation to the risks, which only last weeks after surgery and not for life, such as the risk of stroke, heart attack, sudden death, development of cancer due to obesity, etc. Furthermore, the quality of life after obesity surgery is unmatched; In fact, many patients regret not having had this treatment years earlier.

No, the higher the BMI the more important it is to do something as soon as possible. However, you should consider that the risk for surgery increases as your BMI increases, so if you are thinking about having surgery in the future, you should not gain more weight.

It varies from patient to patient depending on medical and surgical history. In general, when performed by an experienced surgeon, Gastric Band Surgery takes about 25 minutes and Gastric Sleeve Surgery lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Yes, you should look for a team of surgeons and anesthesiologists who have experience with these procedures, since taking too much time increases the chances of complications during and after surgery. So consider people with experience in the field as our group.

Yes, but there may be exceptions depending on the case. In general, patients over 65 years of age and under 17 are not good candidates for surgery.

Most, if not all, chronic diseases improve when patients lose weight, so after a thorough study of your case and proper diagnosis from the different specialists involved, you should benefit greatly from weight loss surgery.